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    despite the doomsayers (and those who dont mind holding a stock and then coming on here to bag it gratuitously once they have sold) thx has imv held up incredibly well this morning. there's no doubt in my mind that deeper pockets have been accumulating this with a long term goal part of their thinking.

    even the big seller that lobbed at .70 pulled his bid as the buyers started creeping closer from the low of .655. thx has done very well when you look at the chart and consider the options for growth they have going forward.

    as a matter of disclosure ... i dropped a few oppies this morning at .505 and .50, although merely to buy myself some more liquidity and flexibility in my holding. I rolled the entire proceeds into more thx ords in the .60s. for me the oppies were a good way of buying exposure when they were selling at around .04 to .08. i now hold only those i received gratis in the placement. a real toss up as to whether those oppies could have been held until the end, but i basically decided that their illiquid nature is now not ideal in the scenario where thx ords could well overshoot to the upside -- a likely occurence in my view.
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