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straw hats in winter time methinks

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    Irrespective of what market perceived the suss handling of initial work here, they DID prove it's a new U-province we are talking about now with commercial hits at surface in a new-concept geo environment.

    Captain Blood was an infamous pirate who plundered the Spanish Main for treasure and glory ........ I think Errol was his real name haha. This baby has the makings of some legendary stuff ahead in the coming nuke wars even tho it is in Qld ......that archaic political stupidity should also change as the world gets ravenous for U-energy.

    And do we seriously believe spot-U prices given how EVERYTHING ELSE is rocketing? Spot -U is being capped like POG was previously, but reckon same cappers have been picking up the global U-majors recently, so betting we are sitting on a double bottom for spot U ahead of its "third primary" about to kick off and give us new highs by EOY.

    Hence now in for initial probing parcel and will play the technos from here as MKY joins the Olympian U wolf-pack. Its all reward / risk and current market cap is bit more real for a launch pad.

    Straw hats are always cheapest in winter haha. We see some fun ahed with this U-boat. And POU should outperform everything else over next 5 years IMO. Extreme leverage spec from here hence.

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