strathmore in nz

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    Have a nosey at Strathmore listed in NZ. Trading at less than 1 cent and just announced the backing in of a company called "Digital Disc Holdings". The following was part of the announcement.

    Digital Disc Holdings Limited. is a New Zealand holding company which holds 100% of the shares in Software Images Limited, an Auckland-based business which provides digital media solutions, including CD and DVD replication, design, packaging and e-fulfillment services. Digital Disc Holdings Limited also owns 100% of the shares in Software Images Pty Limited, an Australian holding company which, in turn, owns 100% of Media Technology Pty Limited, an Australian operating company which provides the same services as Software Images Limited does in New Zealand.

    Has anybody heard of them? The whole things look interesting with the SMR market cap currently at only $1.9m
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