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Strategy Business Model

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    Do early business plans have the best advantage or are they disavantaged by being first?

    Since Walkabout Resourses introduction in to graphite they mapped out a plan with a clear focus of what was achievable for Walkabout Resourses.

    Some elements of a successful business plan were to establish low risk,early cash flow objective because it can be fast-tracked with minimal capital or opex risk.

    The mine can be commenced with a mining License instead of a Special Mining License which is much more onerous.

    Key to this objective was to locate high grade ore close to surface ,port access,infrastructure and stable government.

    From the inferred resourse which is now being in-filled to expand the potential and upgraded to indicated and measured in some parts.The pre-feasabilty plan can then be achieved but not bankable.

    This is a high grade resourse but modest in size in comparison to others.The domain 2 should be able to sustain a 10 year mine life on its own and can marketed for a discrete package based on 25,000Tpa."Best In Class."

    Mining license which is less onerous is a development under 10 years and $100,000,000 in capex cost.It also restricts your footprint to under 10 squared Km's.The down side to this is that it then needs to be renegotiated at the 10 year call and government may play hard ball.

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    Walkabout as per regulations are unable to provide (ROM) run of mine cost at this stage until proper more conclusive evidence is available.It has been able to report that it has Robust economics that others will not see due to small operation modular plant operation higher feed grades with exceptional flake quality and distribution and close to surface operation.All elements of the original blue print for a low cost operation fast tracked for April 2017 operation have so far been identified.

    A recent oversubscibed cash raise with directors adding more skin into the game in lieu of income indicates belief in the project.

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    From early results to today it can be shown that with the optimisation process and attrition program that quality results are being achieved.The refinement and process of fact collecting is adding to the price of our basket price
    and with our product now being sent to the USA for amenabilty test work sound of promise.Results due
    July/August and if favourable results transition this one just might come with a fire cracker!

    "Strategy Blue Printed For Market Success"

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