So on the same morning that we receive a 604 inferring that...

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    So on the same morning that we receive a 604 inferring that Stokes has sold 'his half' into bci, we also receive an announcement from AMCI/Posco/Aurizon about the initiation of an IFA agreement for the development of the WPIOP.......

    Strange coincidence? Anyone else thinks that 'discussions' may have been had around all this.....????

    From an ioh perspective, I find it VERY strange that the longstanding, major shareholder (+50%) sells out, a key condition of the deal with bci, two days BEFORE the published deadline of the 12th (the 604 was signed this morning so the transfer signing must have occurred yesterday, the 10th) and there is no announcement to the asx..... I would have thought that would be reasonably 'material' and 'market sensitive'........but nothing, at the time of typing.

    Anyway, I think all this is a case of good news/bad news. Some quick thoughts -

    Good News -
    * Certainty that the bci takeover of ioh will happen.
    * Some clarity around the infrastructure needed for the development of the WPIOP.
    * All the key parties seem to be talking to each other....
    * Rail for the WPIOP....
    * A sense of certainty for bucklands which will definitely be developed in conjuction with the WPIOP.(a quick TU for you Matt747 !!!).
    * A similar sense of certainty for the future combined bci/ioh.

    Bad News -
    * Production timelines for bucklands now clearer - further away.
    * Bci will now almost certainly wait for rail for the development of Bucklands.
    * Bci will now almost certainly become a hold/long term buy stock, with volatility due to the io price.

    All in all, more good news than bad today, imo. All sh's will just have to wait a fair bit longer to do well out of the benefits of the combined co's.

    And lets all collectively pray for a firming io price.......

    Good luck all holders - on both sides.


    Please dyor.
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