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    It's a sign of the times


    BARCELONA's world-famous tourist precinct was given added colour last night by a giant hi-tech video screen developed in Australia.

    The screen is the first of 11 that Perth-based technology group Lumacom expects to roll out over the coming months across Europe.

    The first sign, perched like a navigation beacon on the northern Spanish city's Maremagnum waterfront, went live yesterday.

    It is now fully operational and is aimed at catching the eye over the next 12 months of 25 million city visitors and residents, managing director Rodd Sala told the Herald Sun.

    Last night international fashion and lifestyle groups Hugo Boss and Tag Heuer were pitched in full-moving colour to the crowds moving between the city waterfront and the marina-hotels complex.

    Mr Sala said that net revenue of $800,000 a year would flow from each of a planned network of 11 signs in high visibility spots in Europe's capitals.

    He said "iconic" sites were being negotiated in conjunction with Mega Profile, Europe's largest outdoor advertiser.

    The Mega Group list of advertisers includes Coca-Cola, American Airlines, American Express, Easy Jet, Ikea, Ericsson, Ford, Motorola, Mercedes-Benz, Nike, Orange, Virgin, Volkswagen and Warner Brothers, Mr Sala said.

    He added that opportunities existed for the company in Britain, Spain, France, Italy and as far east as Moscow.

    Mr Sala said Lumacom would also expand into the US, having secured a joint venture arrangement similar to the Mega Profile deal with the US's Totius Group.

    Lumacom shares dropped 1.89 per cent yesterday, closing .05c down at 26c.

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