story about a guy with no life.

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    Get a life.
    One morning, I get out of bed, get showered, get some breakfast, get to thinkin', I am not gettin' any. I get the urge to get some nookie and get an idea. So I get dressed, get in my car and get on the freeway.
    When I get downtown, I get few bears, get a buzz and get lucky. I get a glimpse of a fine looking woman. I get her a drink, get her talking and we get acquainted. So I get up my courage and get her to agree to go get a room.
    We get outta there, get some booze, get in a taxi and get a hotel. We get in the room, and get comfortable and I'm gettin' excited 'cause I'm gonna get in her pants. So we get in bed and get started. And I'm getting hot 'cause she's getting horny. She wants to get down and I wanna get my rocks off. I wanna get it up, get in, get on, get off and get out.
    And it starts gettin' really good. But the I get thinkin', "Suppose I get the clap? If I get the clap, I'll have to get shots. Might get worse. Could get AIDS. Shoulda got rubbers".
    Now I get paranoid. Get a bit crazy. Get a bit scared. Gotta get a grip.
    Then it gets worse. Suppose she gets pregnant. Will she get and abortion?She might wanna get maried.I can't get involved. If I gotta get married, I gotta get her a ring. How do I get it? I'd have to get credit or get hold of some money! That means gettin' a job. Or gettin'
    a gun. And a getaway car. But suppose I get caught?Get busted by cops. Get thrown in the jail! Gotta get help, get a good lawyer, get out on bail.
    No. I gotta get serious. Get it together. Get with the program. Get me a break, get me a job. Get promotion, get a nice raise, get a new house and get some respect. But if I get all of that, I can't get real cocky. Might get someone mad who'd get on my case, get me in trouble and then I'd get fired.
    Then I'd get mad, maybe get violent, get kicked outta work. Then get dicouraged, start to get desperate, get hold of some drugs, get loaded, get hooked and get sick. Get behind in my rent, get evicted, get thrown on the street. Maybe get mugged, get beaten, get injured, get hospitalized, get operated on, get a blood clot, get a heart attack, get the last rites, get a stroke, get a flat line, get a trip to the graveyard and get burried in a field.
    So get this. You gotta get smart and you gottan get real. Get serious. Get home , get undressed, get in bed, get some sleep.
    Or you might get f----d. Get me?
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