Stop The Boats.... Policy ends

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    Yep!... Every politician Interviewed in the last week has stated, 'we stopped the boats'...its a forgone conclusion that everyone of the future LNP (Abbott supporters) will say the SAME thing.

    IF "stop the boats" is the Great Claim to fame, where does "More Jobs in the Future" stand?

    This is a LOST Government - A Government that currently has NO POLICY, given the Abbott backdowns, in the last month.

    Leaderless and policy devoid = The Current LNP Government!

    And tell me/ agree with me :- Is Leigh Sales the Best political interviewer on TV at this present time?
    ...I say YES!

    She Really gets in close and personal...Abbott was HEAD SHAKING again, albeit only a minor affliction, this time.

    I love TV Interviewers who ask the Difficult Questions, rather than the 'soppy' and comfortable fantasy.
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