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    Just on 24 hours ago, President Calderon launched the ACTUAL TESTING component of the illicit drug testing program commenced last July. The testing, in the State of Nuevo Leon (one of 46 States in Mexico) is under way.

    Expect other States to follow soon.

    The important thing: The testing is saliva based. Draw a line through this and the Mexican Exportability Certificate announcement last August - and you will realise what this means for SBN.

    Avala Calderon Screening for addiction in NL

    20/02/2008 20:33

    The president said that it was important to make the examinations, as that would allow time to detect whether any of the young people have problems with drug use

    Monterrey, NL-The president Felipe Calderon, endorsed the launch of the Early Detection Program of Addictions in public secondary Nuevo Leon.

    During the inauguration of the Park Santa Isabel, as part of the Recovery Program Public Spaces, Governor Jose Natividad Gonzalez explained that schools in the entity proof was laid to walk with the approval of parents.

    He noted that the objective "is not to punish or prosecute, much less correrlos is for the school, on the contrary, is to help them and to help them weather."

    Early Detection Program was launched in 53 public secondary considered high risk, and there have been 36 thousand diagnostic tests through a form to identify
    For children with problems.

    González Parás explained that on Tuesday the doping test was applied to 30 students, after a series of analysis and agreements with companies of parents and teachers.

    He argued that the goal is to apply the test to two thousand students from 200 secondary schools, of which there are 36 thousand in the entity.

    The agent detailed state that the test is carried out on a random basis to ensure that young people know they can be objects of a test of that nature.

    The test is applied through a biochemical system that is used in the saliva to detect what the addiction of the young.

    Moreover, the governor of Nuevo Leon elaborated that the strategy School Segura has been implemented in 449 thousand institutions of basic education, particularly in secondary, of which 77 thousand are public and 372 private. The goal, he said, is to reach 860 thousand schools.

    He added that in each of the schools where the programme was implemented it established an Audit Committee and School Safety composed of parents, teachers and officials from the municipal and state levels.
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