stop/loss what a joke

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    while stop/loss can sometimes be great and save you money,an expensive lesson is about to be learned by those who had a stop/loss in place on slx,the company secretary has been on holidays for 4 weeks, on his return there were about 300 messages waiting for him regarding the approval of the U.S. govt on the licencing of the slx uranium enrichment to a U.S. company or a offshore (French or Japanese ? ) company Rather than answer them all he put out a news release stating it had been delayed, this triggered a selldown resulting in a fall to below $1, with govt approval there will be a bidding war for this process, G.E. and Westinghouse are reputed to be bidders, look for an upfront payment of $20million to $50million and royalties of 5% to 7.5%, ramp up to production should be within 2years as the pilot has been completed and engineering for the scale up to a full size plant also complete, expected royalties of $100million at three years.
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