STOP?? HALF TIME JOKE girls & guys

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    I too need a rest from SH!T HAPPENS.

    Well here it goes,

    A grandfather & his grandson went to the local TAB.
    Grandfather, Grandfather said the boy tugging on the trouser leg "can I have a bet too?"
    Well, siad the Grandfather it's like this,"can your d!ck touch your rs.
    "No" said the boy.
    Well no then heres $2, go and play.So the boy walked up the street to a newsagents.
    He saw advertised WIN $1,000,000.for just $2's
    So the boy bought himself a scrathie, scrathed it and WON $1,000,000.
    Well he ran up to Grandfater's trouer leg, Grandfather, Grandfather look!!!, look!!!
    "Well", said Grandfather.You'll have to share it with me.
    Well, Grandfather it's like this "can your d!ck touch your rs.
    Yes, said the Grandfather.

    Well go [email protected] yourself.
    Your not getting any of this.........


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