stoopid military still don't get it

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    I am a retired career military officer, West Point graduate, infantry, etc. Come from a military family. Father and uncles in WWII, mother's brothers in Korea, older brother, older cousins in Viet Nam. I was in Grenada, Panama, Iraq in 1991.

    My father pointed out to me early on that the ones who wave the flag the highest, the ones who rattle their sabers the loudest, the ones who proclaim to love this country the most, are the ones who never do anything, never serve, never leave home. Neither do their children.

    They sit at home and reap the benefits from the seeds sown by other good men, pat themselves on the back for being clever, and do their damndest to screw everyone else.

    This is the state of the current administration.
    I cringed at the Army-Navy game on Saturday when the current occupant of the White House had the nerve to appear with these fine young women and men, smiling and waving, knowing he was going to order them to do something he himself did not have the (insert body part here) to do when it was his turn.

    I work in DC, and have many interesting conversations with the right-leaning folks, always politely volunteering, depending on age, to put them or their children in touch with some friends of mine. I assure them that, within 6 months, they could be part of the great effort to keep us safe. S&x does not matter. Their daughters could be driving unarmored fuel or ammo trucks, or could even be MPs, manning a machine gun mounted on an unarmored Humvee, guarding these same trucks.

    Many take affront at my suggestion that their children should take part. They are too precious, have other priorities (sound familiar?), have families, are attending college.

    I guess we get what we deserve.

    Best regards,
    David Belles
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