stocks in base/breakout mode

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    Hi All,

    I've been a watcher of HC since 1999 Boom Days but been out of the market waiting for a trend change before re-entering the market. I now tend to be more of a chart watcher rather than overtrade and getting caught in spikes/false breakouts/ramping of stocks.

    Recently there have been a number of stocks that have finished their downtrend early in the bear market and have formed a base and on the verge of breaking out under volume to new highs. some of these are:

    Silex (SLX), Psiron (PSX), maybe Indcor (ICO). These formations generally lead to rapid moves to higher prices.

    Does anyone know of other stocks in similar formations, so we can all get on board. PSX was showing great signs of a breakout yeaterday when it moved quickly to 14c at opening then held up under profittaking closing at 11c. It opened this morning at 14c went to 17.5c suffered much profittaking down to 15.5 before accellerating to 18c on the close.

    I noticed a similar pattern with SLX where I got out a day too early.

    With the DOW and ASX both closing on their highs tonight expect higher opening tomorrow.

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