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stocks and stocks; will they all make money?

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    Looking at gold stocks, one sees that superior stock whick makes money "without even trying".

    Then one has the middle-ranked in the price range say 50 cents up.

    At the very bottom the languishing stocks; sometimes they get an opportunity to move on to a higher level (LEG), mainly because of deals either done on a cash basis or earning in and they strike it reasonably rich.

    Will SHN belongs to that group as well?

    HCY, KCG and others also want to belong to that group. There are risks of course, and often an investor's stock becomes a gambler's stock.

    Someone from HC drew my attention to the fact that I was increasing risk over time. True.

    I am more used to discussing stocks which also have a good deal of risk built in but don't form part of a gambler's portfolio.

    If one has an image of having stocks, eg NRT, PGL, OXR, EQI, HDR, AIA, MHI and others, then one needs to ensure that not just any stocks cross the threshold.

    However, I can't complain about AAM, LEG and I hope, SHN to come.

    Gambler's stocks can have upside of course.
    Sometimes, one omits one because "something isn't quite right". Perhaps an executive Director has a history or the deal wasn't quite fair. Whatever.

    And if one turns up trumps and one hasn't got any shares?

    Tough luck but there is always another one!

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