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    stocko those comments on worldaudio you posted the other day are totally innacurate .i have much better knowledge than you do by the looks of it. there licenses are worth a lot more than the market realises simply because the licenses they have no one can get anymore which makes them valuable.last year a section 40 was sold for 2mill just because senator alston stopped their distribution.
    worldaudio has around 40 such licenses , there are only about 3 radio broadcasters in the whole of australia that are able to cover australia with the use of section 40 as cheaply as these guys are . think about it 40 licenses you cant get unless someone sells you one ,people paying 2mill each licence .adds up and the radio2 station is not a backyard station it is run by very well known personalities check out the radio2 website for all of them there would have to be at least a dozen household names and the raising of the 5 mill will be used to push radio2 right around australia very very
    quickly ,they have a very competent and professional management team in place including some big backers one such backer is the man that made channell 10 into what it is now laurence freedman.so as you can see from this post stocko your info was totally lacking the truth and i hope your comments didnt cost any investors any money
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