stocko and kcg

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    stocko, on Monday you assured us all that KCG would be over 15 cents by today.
    Not even half right.
    It closed today at .071 and appears to be heading lower.

    When myself and several others here took issue with your forecast you declared us fools.
    It is now clear that you and your followers who are stuck in KCG are the fools stocko.

    Oh, but thats right, a big announcement is due next week hahahahahaha ROFL. You have pulled that one a dozen times and amazingly a few people fall for it every time and buy.

    IMO their new acquisition has little chance of ever becoming a profitable mine, and even if I am wrong and it does you will be waiting at least five years for it to get started. KCG will probably roll over and die in the meantime.

    Dave R.
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