stockmarket formula update

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    Well both retail and gold stocks are up $2000-$3000, based on $60,000 (6 stocks) and $80,000 (8 stocks).

    Only 2 stocks are down out of 14, and only down a couple of hundred dollars.

    The big movers were:

    KRS currently at 0.245 (retail stock)
    50,000 stocks
    bought at 0.200
    up $2250 in a matter of a week or so for that one.

    DRD currently at 6.160 (gold stock)
    1,818 stocks
    bought at 5.50
    up $1,200 ditto.

    I'd plug in a few more sectors, but i'm yet to find a web site that has, all p/e ratio, current price, high's/lows.

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