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    Hey buddy,
    Haven't been on here for quite a while. Actually he has bought 500000 fully paids and 10 000 000 mjnoa's which I think should be announced in the next few days. He is costing about $180 000 per year according to the annual report but if he pulls these deals over the line and restructures the company into a nice organisation I don't mind paying him for that especially if he gets the share price back up to where it was 18 months ago (35c). What do you say. So what are you trading these days?

    I think we should see the deal being finalised very soon as they said early next week in the last announcement. I have heard that they don't intend to be raising as much money as they said before and that the final deal is a lot less dilutionary than was originally planned.

    Remember MJN has a lot of tax losses locked up in their SA company which is a good bargaining tool. It is as good as cash when buying a positive cash flow company.

    I will have to catch up with you in the near future
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