stock alert: somebody accumulating.....??

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    Last few days have seen a bit more volume in VOY shares than we have seen for a long time. More than 400,0000 went thru today in only four trades. Someone possibly accumulating stock without wanting to send price up?? Most trades have been around 15 cents.

    VOY MD, John Begg speaks to the Securities Institute tomorrow along with HDR (Scott Spencer), ARQ (Eric Streitberg) and ROC (John Doran). Not sure what it is all about as I am not a member and will not be attending. But if anybody is going be useful if they could give us a bit of a run down.

    Anyway thought I would mention VOY. I don't hold and am too committed elsewhere. I haven't seen anything that might account for the interest in the stock. Possibilities are sale of Nockatunga oil field to Santos: start of production testing at Jingemia; sale of Cliff Head stake. Voyager (along with Bounty Oil and Gas)has an interest in some sexy leases that are being prepared for drilling next year. These are WA 325P and 327P (both 15%) immediately north of Twin Lions and Cliff Head leases, and WA 226P (Morangie-5%). Company had $2.4 million in cash at end of March. Cheers JBC
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