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    Hello mate............the 50c figure was just me thinking out aloud. Next resistance I would see around the 37-38c mark and then 50c which is in itself a psychological barrier whether the chart shows it or not (it was a low in April 2001.........or aroundabout). This is a high risk/high reward play but you wouldn't know it looking at the chart which is beautiful!

    Fundamentally speaking it is a very hard situation to predict but if the keep their expenses and revenue on the current trend and take full advantage of their monopoly situation in satellite programming and the JV with Foxtel (XYZ)................with the projected growth of cable and satellite there are valuations out there close to $1 in the forseeable future. I believe Huntleys put about 70c on them.

    It is a case I believe of let the trend be your friend (until it ends!). I am quite happy to hold, barring CHAMP coming up with some underhanded way to get to 90% and take our shares at 16c!

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