still ok! & on track.

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    After sorting out computer glitch and finally - but briefly - viewing June Report ------

    All seems OK to me!

    Overburden has reduced quality of ore being processed and added to over-all costs related to processed ore.

    Silver concentration down due to leached upper levels of deposit - nothing new about that either.

    Mill - recently instaled - use delayed due to pump problem. This unit was to turn overall process to level of profit - as opposed to previous loss - bearing in mind overburden and silver leaching.

    Ore mined and processes above projected.

    Refining costs to be reduced due to further leverage of competative refineries and higher concentration of ore transported.

    Further increase in mineable resources encountered.

    Stage 2 prepartation in progress.

    The positives explain the large uptake of AVL shares on Wednesday.
    Price of AVL shares relatively stable.
    Will expect some fluctuations - but announcement of finance for stage 2 should shake share price out of apathy.

    As predicted the report revealed no new information and has been adequatelly anticipated by some of our most helpful contributers.

    Now these coments are made hurredly without expertise in mining etc.

    So corrections and additions to these comments expected and welcome.


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