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    With all due respect to all the chartists here, who are expecting OXR to drop, there are two things I feel should be taken into consideration. One, Oxiana have done remarkably well in keeping a tight lip on the exact release timings of results. For this reason I believe the charts do not have a good chance of giving you a prior indication of any imminent moves. Second, there is a load of accumulation happening in the options. These, at the moment, are a great way to get set without pushing up the shareprice, as you only need to spend a small portion to have rights to fpo's at 25c.

    Twice today there were 1million single buyers in the options, try buying 1million of the main share without pushing the shareprice up.

    For these reasons I would be throwing away the charts at this stage on this stock, as it will surge and when it does you are going to be paying a premium to its current price. My opinion only of course

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