still feels like tech wreck 2000

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    the word here is 'feel'/emotion

    the market is up 30% today

    today is a ****Friday '

    prior to the tech wreck of 2000
    everyone wanted some action, any action

    regardless of what 'old money' was saying= caution

    the 'newbies' had total disregard for the warnings
    and we saw each 'fridays high sp' on closings

    positive excuberance was the name of the day

    I am seeing the same thing today

    plus there are obviously some players playing games out there
    I am not advocating a crash,
    I could cash in on the newbies naive attitude, but that is unethical
    I like to make money, not lose it, nor risk it

    it will be interesting to see where the market is at by 30.6.05

    I take a longer term view of up to 5 years
    for all markets to make their plays
    what is your view

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