EMH 5.41% 35.0¢ european metals holdings limited

Still Early Says - Momentum Building

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    Just had time to come up for air & check out the EMH reports – and they really are outstanding IMHO.

    As mentioned in my previous post, the rise in volume and price was a harbinger of better things to come and it seems as though EMH has started 2015 with a bang.

    The old saying that if you want to develop a mine, go to where a mine previously existed; certainly seems to be the case with EMH.

    From a trader’s perspective, the comparisons given on slide 10 between WLC and KAS are very enlightening & show that EMH still has plenty of room to move before it can be considered to be priced according to its peers. And with the Top 20 sitting on approx. 73% of the stock, the register is nice and tight.

    As stated to in an earlier report & again in the presentation, further lithium testing is in progress and results should be out soon. Similarly, the scoping study seems to be nearing completion and, assuming a positive outcome (it’s hard to believe it won’t be), could be a real game changer.

    With Indaba kicking off today it would be interesting to know whether EMH is present. Perhaps I’ll try to contact the company and find out as they now have a very marketable story that is gathering momentum every day. Will let you know what I find out.
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