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still drilling.....

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    How can you judge a resource when we still do not know exactly how much this resource will contain??
    Everyone seems to forget that we are not finished with drilling, so far for the gold project we have 460.000 Oz

    Phu kham gold cap>>>> 250 000 Oz
    Ban Houayxai >>>>> 210 000 Oz

    PNA management has said that Ban Houayxa has only been drilled so far for 20% and that they expect a potential of >>>> 1 000.000 Oz (1 million Oz)!!!!!

    This alone would bring the gold project over 1.200 000 Oz!!!

    Further potential and upgrade in resources for the gold project will come from the Long Chieng Track>>> drilling results so far include>10 meters @ 4.3 g/t from surface
    20 meters @ 2.9 g/t from surface

    So just before ACturtle wants to do his calculations, and judge PNA lets just keep the upside in mind. Only then we can start to give an honest opinion about the future of this mine.

    What I have mentioned here is only about the Phu Bia Gold project. I have not touched the copper/gold project or the copper resource they have in Thailand.
    Exploration potential is another point to keep in mind since they have the rights to a large area.

    I am holding and like before still counting on upgrades in resource which will put the cream on the top.

    Good luck to all PNA holders.

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