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    Interesting announcements from neo. On 24/9 they announce unexpected "substantial gas shows" from 2150ft. Then in todays announcement they highlight GOOD GAS SHOWS for the 2150ft find.
    They then call it a day at 9730ft with good oil and gas shows when they could have gone to 10500ft.
    Looking at the cross-section of the S.E. Lost Hills on their websight, and presuming it is accurate??, it looks as if they would have only drilled thru the 1st Montery target and the high risk/high reward stevens target by 9730ft, leaving the 2nd and third Montery targets untouched.
    Looking at their cross-section, their seismics would have had to have been out by about 700ft if they have in fact drilled thru the 3rd Montery target.
    Comments on accuracy of cross-section would be apreciated.
    I hold NEOO and got more today
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