Nah, don't agree. We have seen the political differences between...

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    Nah, don't agree. We have seen the political differences between state and federal during Covid. Having the feds run the show would be terrible.

    I think we need both. You need local management because of the unique differences to each state and even each cluster.

    While lockdown works really well, there is an argument for only locking down specific areas or workplaces combined with really good contract tracing. The more we learn , the more we can tweak these things.

    A national blanket approach would be dysfunctional. We saw in Victoria how the restrictions caused enough dramas across the state. Country areas and borders that have had zero cases locked down as hard as hot spots in cities. It is important to manage specific areas differently in order to keep local economies ticking over.

    I believe WA had several specific zones from the get go with differing restrictions. It sounds like it worked pretty well.

    Where I think the federal government could play a role is in a national standard e.g. testing and training of quarantine workers, assistant payments for those people so that they didn't have to work two jobs and so on.

    We should have had a pandemic policy in place for decades. Why isn't anyone asking that question ?
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