Has their been an announcement into an inquiry about how those...

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    Has their been an announcement into an inquiry about how those workers got infected ?

    As far as i know all that they have said is that a 50 year old cleaner caught the virus from a surface and gave it to two security guards.
    Presumably they are taking the cleaners word as the truth.
    With rising cases overseas in the northern Hemisphere it may well be that a higher percentage of arrivals are infected now increasing the risk to the community.


    Opinion piece snippet in the local paper today about loss of trust in the governments ability to keep the virus contained in medi-hotels:

    The State Government needs to explain why staff were able to work across the quarantine hotels. Why they were permitted to go from a shift at a medi-hotel to a second job in a pizza bar, or a nursing home. And why all staff, from security to cleaners, weren’t tested regularly for COVID-19, as it said it would do months ago.

    Professor Spurrier has repeatedly reassured us COVID-19 cases in the CBD’s quarantine hotels posed no threat to the community.

    Just over a week ago, Seven News asked Premier Marshall whether SA was taking on too much with its hotel quarantine program – we then had 19 active cases, more than a quarter of the nation’s new infections.

    “Yeah, look, we’re not concerned about the infections within the quarantine hotel because they’re very, very secure,” he replied. “The important thing is, unlike other parts of the country, we’ve had very, very strict controls over our hotel quarantine. So, no risk to the people of our state.

    ”These blanket assurances were very, very wrong. Our stretched hotel quarantine system has created an enormous risk to the people of this state.

    On Monday, Prof Spurrier revealed she’d been growing increasingly concerned about the rising numbers of people with COVID-19 entering our medi-hotels.
    She’s not the only one.

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