steve waugh!!! as foretold

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    God I love it when a plan comes together.

    Subject re: australian world cup squad
    Posted 01/01/03 19:40 - 75 reads
    Posted by debono
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    Strange how the great captains like Border and Waugh managed to lift when most needed and when they should be taking oppositions apart they failed.
    Steve will go because Australian cricket doesn't need this type of player at the moment.
    He will fight because that is what he does best.
    For Steves sake I hope the top order fail in Sydney and he gets a chance to show how good he still is.
    Being a top class cricketer obviously is not a requirement to becoming a selector as history has shown. The best ones go into commentating or coaching.
    For mine I think it was time to step aside in the one dayers but I think 12 months more of test cricket is easily within him.
    Didn't Taylor have that enormous slump before equalling Bradmans record?

    Hohns should keep his yap shut.


    stop loss...STOP loss

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