Morrison is just a hired gun for vested interests.I find it...

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    Morrison is just a hired gun for vested interests.

    I find it amusing and ironic that it was the banks themselves who ended up begging Turnbull for a RC.

    The reason is that the reputational damage they were suffering in the hands of (then Fairfax) media, and others was raising concerns among the international banks they were borrowing from, that Australian banks had undisclosed risks. This had the potential to undermine their ability to raise loans, and could have led to unfavourable rates from the lender.

    So it was a desire by the banks to contain the damage and draw a line in the sand, that led to the RC.
    Which is why it had very limited terms of reference and a VERY fast tracked process.

    The banks brought it on themselves and have been stewing in their own juice.

    What makes me angry is the lack of prosecutions.

    The banks continue , after cutting a few people loose.

    They brought it on themselves, but the little person always pays.

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