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Stericorp manipulation on Friday

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    A recap of friday;

    I suggested on Friday & a day or two prior to that that support levels for STP appeared to have about bottomed, in fact they appear to have now stabilsed for the past 4 days, last price 48 cents. Support was good on friday UNTIL I posted. Calrisian immediately stepped in to trash the stock STP, MISLEADINGLY suggesting that it will retrace to 30 cents !!!!!!, but when challeged if he holds the stock, Carisian thinks a while, then replies with a YES! Can U imagine anyone downramping a stock they hold (unless he held only 1 share)? Calrisians attempt on Friday was pathetic & failed, neverthless, the interesting part was the tiny trades (sells) after my post, possibly an attempt to force the T/A support levels and trigger further weakness. Make up your own minds.
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