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stella jan to march earnings sweetspot

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    Announcement from the company during the week...... of Stella 65% sale to CVC late March.

    "Street" have MFS reporting (later this month) some $45 million first half profits.

    Stella earnings mostly come in the post Christamas holiday period......a degree of fortune for MFS, that late March is the sale date. MFS are likely to generate some $100 million alone surplus cash from Stella in the Jan to March period.

    Together with the CVC sale and company profits (they sold their aged care business also for nett $100 m)....should have some $500 million cash to sort these issues out.

    MFS listed MFS Diversified Group will change their name to GEO Property Group.....MFT is going really well, and will not be affected by the other issues facing MFS.

    Despite the name change....MFT will continue to generate $10 to $15 PA in fees for the parent MFS. Whats that worth to MF.....stick another $100 million on to the market cap.

    Keep them coming MFS bears.
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