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steer clear of this dog

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    I get the impression that the Executive Chairman, Kim Goodall is driving this company straight into the ground, with a complete disregard for the share holders! Another big loss just announced and no sign that they are reversing the trend. Also another reason never to back a company with an Exec Chairman. They are on track to be in receivership by Feb09 and I will be there will the marshmallows.

    The last straw for me was reading about Goodall's contact with Michael Milne and the tenemos share deal.

    'In November, Kim Goodall, a director of the software services company Admerex, of which Milne was a director was interviewed. Police allege Milne "manipulated Admerex and its directors through fraud and intimidation" to get documents to justify his holding $30 million in offshore accounts'

    I only hope ASIC go to work on Goodall and Admerex as well.
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