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Just to be clear, these patent applications were flagged by the...

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    Just to be clear, these patent applications were flagged by the company in their June 23rd announcement to the ASX. At the time, and for a while afterwards, these patent applications were not publicly displaying as having been lodged. My posts above are just confirmation of such.

    SOR Multiple Patents Filed On Autonomous Robotics Technology

    Perth, Australia, 23rd June 2020 – Strategic Elements Ltd (ASX:SOR) is pleased to announce multiple patent filings
    over autonomous robotics technology being developed by subsidiary ‘Stealth Technologies’ The strategic use of
    3D printing technologies by Stealth is enabling the rapid advancement of Intellectual Property and prototyping.
    The Stealth Autonomous Robotics Platform (AxV) is designed for rugged and remote environments. As such,
    robotic vehicles are designed to operate autonomously in the absence of people for extended periods. Two patent
    applications cover low cost solutions developed by Stealth Technologies that greatly increase reliability and
    mitigates against system failures in autonomous robotic vehicles. A third patent application covers robots
    designed to automate perimeter security intrusion detection systems. Intellectual Property covered by the patents
    has potential commercial use in security, mining and agriculture.
    Stealth Technologies has collaborations with USD 100 Billion ‘Honeywell’1 to develop an Autonomous Robotic
    Security Vehicle for the correctional justice sector1 and with the University of Western Australia for Electric
    . Stealth has the right to retain all Intellectual Property it develops under these collaborations.
    Redundant Compute Patent
    A patent filing has been lodged to cover redundant compute technology developed in-house by Stealth
    Technologies. Autonomous vehicles rely on their onboard compute to control driving. The onboard compute is
    analogous to the ‘brain’ of the vehicle, and performs multiple critical roles including taking input from multiple
    sensors, determining the vehicle’s location, navigating and avoiding obstacles. Failure of the ‘onboard compute’
    is a catastrophic failure that could cause an accident or injury to people. To overcome the potential failure of
    compute, Stealth has developed a low-cost innovative solution allowing the vehicle to seamlessly continue its
    Emergency Braking Patent
    Onboard power failure is another critical event that could cause autonomous vehicles to continue under their
    momentum to roll forward or even down an incline without the ability to brake. Stealth has developed a low cost
    innovative solution to enable emergency braking for autonomous vehicles should power failure occur, activating
    brakes and bringing the vehicle to a halt.
    Automated Perimeter Intrusion Detection Robotics Patent
    Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems (PIDS) testing is a physical process required to be completed regularly to
    ensure PIDS are functioning properly and will detect intrusion attempts. Testing is a mundane and repetitive task
    that can use significant human resources as facility perimeters often span stretches of numerous kilometres and
    can be infeasible to test manually, leaving facilities open to undetected intrusions through untested perimeters.
    Stealth developed custom robotics built on top of its autonomous mobile platform to solve this problem, enabling
    a fully automated PIDS testing 365 days a year, 24 hours a day including at night. This enables the testing of
    multiple technologies including microphonics, microwave, buried electromagnetic cable and photoelectric beams.
    PIDS technologies are deployed across vast numbers of facilities worldwide that could potentially benefit from
    fully automated physical testing that the Stealth technology can provide to increase security and reliability without
    increasing operating costs.
    3D Printing to Enhance IP and Prototyping
    The Stealth Technologies team is using data computer-aided-design (CAD) software to direct hardware to deposit
    material, layer upon layer, in precise geometric shapes. 3D printing takes a digital 3D model and turns it into a
    physical object using a print head, nozzle or other printing technology. Rapid prototyping has enabled the team
    to develop in days what could have potentially taken months.
    JUNE 23, 2020
    CODE : SOR
    Autonomous Perimeter Security and Surveillance – Honeywell and Department of Justice Collaboration
    The next steps for the collaboration are: a) final validation and acceptance testing beginning Q3 2020 and b) to
    investigate the potential use in other facilities with some changes i.e., using 4 or 5g networks. Please view a
    video on the collaboration at
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