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Steady as she goes....

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    OK, could be a he, but today's action was a good learning curve in the fact that many a people are catching on to this one. Note the trading in the fact that buyers are there and coming yet sellers are drying up. These people buying are not sellers and quick traders as basically they would be putting the sells in waiting to be hit. I could ramp on but do your research and check the site out, especially the slideshow as it gives you a good/quick idea of what BSG is about.

    Also looking into the fact someone posted about one of the trading houses doing a report on this one. Could anyone confirm this and elaborate on it please?

    I amazed not many people are talking about this one as at the moment it had a nice 25% rise in the last week.

    All of above is own personal point of view and took as written. Can anyone come back regards the report please.

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Currently unlisted public company.

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