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    re-visiting this forum after a week or so it is clear there are multiple threads being opened purely to serve MMGA and similar agenda.

    Ask your self who these posters are and why are they surfacing now with what feels like new bits of information?

    It is clear they have a clear agenda

    If you think they serve you, ask yourself - would you go to this much trouble for a measly 0.14% holding? Why arent the other nominated directors with higher holdings doing the same?

    It is clear the opponents are not doing this for your interest. If you dont believe it then why have they colluded to try rail-road AVZ at every possible angle - Through Comminiere, Dathomir and our chinese shareholders (adds up to 12%). Is this a company working in your best interest?

    AVZ has gone so far as the change the conflict of interest policy just to serve as added defence - Why would the board do that whilst still in power?

    Because they like us know there is the slimmest chance MMGA can achieve 50% of the vote -

    With chinese backing they have hired a bunch of idiots to annoy you into submission by spreading false information and limiting real conversations through their multiple posting and incoherent distractions

    Stay the course and stick to the facts:
    1) ICISD has full power under a bi-lateral treaty. This is a worldbank organisation and rest assured will be respected (158 signatories)
    2) ICC has full power over the signed JV because the JV specifically called it out. That is your BoD pre-empting this fight
    3) DRC needs international investment - It is the 2nd poorest country in the world! Worldbank is their best opportunity
    4) AVZ war-chest is now 20m higher with Locke Capital. Due diligence was done and Locke is not in the business of putting their name into a game of chess, this is commited funding
    5) ICC and ICSID Cases are nearing completion - Its a long journey but we have clear dates. The idea that DRC wont listen is false! At the end of this, we are proven right - this is why they fight so hard right now
    6) With ICC outcomes and no MMGA board - the fight is over with AVZ the victor. The DRC will play ball at this point and we are weeks away
    7) MMGA have proven time and time again to be unethical and to their own benefit - their collusion and mis-representation will result in big fines or jail if they do not win these seats
    8) Our new board members are respected individuals, they are not going to tarnish their name for a company they do not believe in - why would you?

    Dont let it happen

    YOUR VOTE COUNTS - even if it was 10 shares, make it represent what you are fighting for - The biggest lithium asset by far with lowest production cost a.k.a the saudi arabia of lithium

    All you need is your HIN Number and it is 4 steps from their using single holding https://investor.automic.com.au/#/loginsah
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