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stay positive and hopeful people

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    look people, stop worring about this company, you personally can not change the outcome!! what i have noticed is even if people try to down ramp the stock or ramp it up on HC it makes no difference. i believe there is under 20% of traders who listen to HC posts trading this stock. the rest are from brokers, word of mouth and there own research using other trading platforms. I truly believe that this company will recover. i also believe if they were going to go into administration they would have been suspended from trading by now. this company makes money! it pays dividens,I was shopping in one of the larger Centros in Adelaide on the weekend it was packed with people spending, grabbing Easter bargains with smiles on there faces. these people are the same people that are helping to pay Centros debts each week. The only threat i could see is if "like most other companies" they pack up and go to china!! lol thats not going to happen. stay loyal and you will be rewarded in the end.

    My opinion only,
    P.S dont forget to check out the red light specials.
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