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    I have a family friend who at the age of 25 accumulated half a million dollars playing poker online. Before travelling around the world I was fortunate enough to catch up with him for lunch. I wish I can post his winnings here on the forum (Which sums up all his wins and losses over 3 years) BUT i know he values his privacy so I can?t post it.

    The biggest tip he emphasized to me is that successful players/speculator focus on FUNDAMENTALS and they ignore the results. What he is trying to say is when get your money in good make sure you have all the ducks lined up and the probability in YOUR FAVOUR, the result is irrelevant and the money will take care of themselves over time.

    As a result you become a sick individual like me where you focus on the big picture and you ignore the noise because a few months ago I made 100k on paper and I lost 100K, IT DOESN?T MATTER TO ME.

    All I want to say is the LYC fundamentals are in our favour:

    1) Supportive government
    2) Rising REE price
    3) Lynas has Rhodia and 5 Chinese engineer/scientist to solve all technical hurdles
    4) We have the best quality REE ore in the world with a concentrate of 50% after coming out of the Concentrator plant
    5) We have the lowest radiation rare earth ore in the world.
    6) The Anti-Lynas protestor has LOST MOMENTUM, their latest bright idea. Appeal to Australian Lawyers to stop Lynas since they can?t bring Lynas to court in Malaysia.
    7) Alliance with Sojitz, JOGMEC, Siemens
    8) Fast track plan and contract awarded to ramp up to Phase 2 ,22 000 tonnes
    9) When I go home from work I see people of all ages using REE products. Ages 5 to 80 using Ipad, Iphones , Amazon Kindle etc etc

    With all this fundamentals in place there is no fear in my mind , I don?t let JP Morgan bluff me off my poker hand, I bet more chips and I accumulate, I buy more!

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