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statistics and trend intraday patterns

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    Data doesn't paste that well, however for the short term holders, MEO presents interesting opportunities. I was looking to see as l do with Oil and mining spec stocks movement around the weekly reporting of drilling resutls etc.

    The below presents and interesting picture, whereby since 01/01/07 Wednesday on average has the highest volume and intraday spread being 4m vol traded and a spread of .07c. Of course the statistics are pure l haven't removed the abnormal movements between 21/01/08-31/01/08.

    Over a shorter period being 01/01/08 - 15/02/08 the preferred trading day is Wednesday again with 9.9m volume traded at a spread of .08c, yes Monday in this period on average volume trades higher however the spread is lower.

    Announcements by this company don't appear to have a specific day, l note that there is a thread wondering where the announcement is, l would anticipate today there will be an announcement as reports from Heron were deliverd Thurs/Fri throughout Dec / Jan, no reports from what l can see were distributed later than the Monday...hey l could be wrong.

    SP is looking for support, my data tells me support appears to be forming at .25, appreciate other thoughts.

    By the way with drilling at 1,265m expected depth 3351m, does anybody know their drilling productivity rate? When they expect to have core samples tested?

    01-01-08-15/01/08 Data
    Day Average of Volume Average of Intraday movement
    Monday 11076260 4.8
    Tuesday 11137000 13.75
    Wednesday 9890428.571 8.071428571
    Thursday 5041700 6.214285714
    Friday 3695957.143 4.571428571
    Grand Total 7893746.875 7.453125

    Day Data Total
    Monday Average of Volume 2,600,978
    Average of Intraday movement 6.71875
    Tuesday Average of Volume 3,163,129
    Average of Intraday movement 7.403225806
    Wednesday Average of Volume 4,081,863
    Average of Intraday movement 7.359375
    Thursday Average of Volume 2,244,473
    Average of Intraday movement 6.257575758
    Friday Average of Volume 1,930,933
    Average of Intraday movement 6.742424242
    (blank) Average of Volume
    Average of Intraday movement
    Total Average of Volume 2793144.72
    Total Average of Intraday movement 6.888198758
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