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    CBA is holding back still seeking sellers below 14.5 cents.

    Lack of buying competition is enabling CBA to cap the price and collect most of the sellers.

    Since the latest analysis/report buying interest seems to be building.

    Quarterly report due this week should be positive.

    Bill Turner et. al. have done well to get CBA on board,
    arrange for release of latest analysis report, suggest possible joint partnership to manage projects for others, suggest dividends would commence as soon as practical, etc. etc.

    What more can they do??

    Watch for a positive quarterly report with suggestions of impending developments.

    Watch for a round of media interest stimulated by AVL and possibly other parties.

    The political "uncertainty" espoused as a reason for gross undervaluation of AVL share price and used to frighten timid would be investers is now virtually a red herring with huge gains being made on the Congo political and management front.

    An interesting week ahead but a possible interest to day traders now - certainly of interest to those prepared to hold.

    Check AVL posts if you are not informed about this company.


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