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Staggering difference in E-Trade, Comsec etc figur

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    I thought people might be interested in why it pays to check more than one source of information about reported figures for companies. GTP is admittedly an unusual example this year, but the staggering difference in reported figures during this interim period would be funny if it wasn't so serious.

    The most reliable and regularly updated service I've found in the past was a company whose data and pithy reports comments be read via OzeStock, but unfortunately the company no longer does this work. The most interesting difference in a way is the numbers reported by Power E-Trade and Basic E-Trade. Not one of these services has all the right numbers and some are a very long way off the mark indeed.

    Investor beware - check the ASX reports and check with the company itself if needs be, especially during the month of June when some services are updating and some aren't, during a fast changing earnings period for many companies, especially tax effective ones. Normally the services bring their numbers into line when the final reports are out, but for some such as Comsec, it can take months and it's long been a mystery to me where the widely used Shareanalysis.Com gets some of its data from.

    * Power E-Trade and Sanford *

    Industry Group Forest Products Shares on Issue 135,397,741
    Price (previous close in cents) 67 Market Cap ($) 90,716,486
    Last Annual Report Data and Ratios
    Earnings (cents per share) 5.8 Price To Earnings 11.55
    Dividends (cents per share) 30 Yield (%) 44.78
    Asset Backing (cents per share) 123 Price to Assets 0.54

    * Comsec *

    VALUE Company All Ords Sector
    P/E ratio 4.4 15.45 18.74
    P/B ratio 0.53 1.62 0.95
    P/E Growth ratio 10.00 1.06 >10
    INCOME Company All Ords Sector
    Dividend yield 6.7% 3.9% 3.7%
    Franking 100% -- --
    Tax adjusted dividend yield 4.9% 2.7% 2.7%
    Dividend stability 100.0% 98.8%99.9%

    * E-Trade Basic (Shareanalysis.Com) 01A and 02F

    Profit($m) 22 22
    EPS(c) 16.1 16.0
    Div.(c) 9.0 8.5
    P/E(x) 4.2 4.2
    Yield(%) 13.4 12.7
    Frnkg(%) 100 100
    EPS chg(%) -49 -1

    Disclaimer: I don't own any forestry stocks at the moment.
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