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ssn and the immediate future potential

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    I have been a holder, both quiet and vocal, for quite a long time now.
    It now feels like it's on the edge of taking the step from tiny minnow explorer / producer to small cap producer.

    SSN is about to have the SSP close, and after that there is little holding it back. Not to mention upcoming results and work from other projects

    Mgmt are very, very special so to speak, professional and matter of fact with no BS or sugar coating, and will deliver on this land sale - anything between $61m and $79m USD imo.

    7c to 10c SP on completion of the deal

    Debt will be paid out in full, projects paid for, 4.8% royalty for any development / sales on the sold land for years to come.

    Now tell me, how long is the share price going to stay sub 6c / 7c?

    In terms of holding heads vs options, well, I hold both and think that's a solid strategy. But it's all down to the individual.

    I would like to see management do a share buy back sometime in the future, once they have oodles of cash, to reduce the amount of shares on issue but not at the expense of extending exploration and work of course.

    Oh, and I would recommend any serioius holders watch the numerous You Tube clips of SSN management interviews and plans, this is exactly what got me 100% more serious as an investor on the stock some time ago.

    I can honestly say also that SSN carries not the hype and uncertainty that a lot of high profile speccies do, due to the obvious credibility of the management team, their past successes, the recent land sale deal and, if you research the board, their exceptional backgrounds and qualifications and respect from their peers in the industry.

    Anyway, the future suddenly became a lot brighter, and hopefully we see the old highs broken shortly so it can start moving into a new price range, in a slow and steady manner (with no gaps)

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