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SSI worth over $2 ???

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    With the recent rise in GCN it raises the question what is SSI worth then.
    SSI own 65% of GCN, that is 198 million shares which is worth at present $31.68 mill, divide by 14.5 mill SSI shares and it is $2.18 per share.

    SSI is trading at 50 cents!!!
    SSI also own 20% of Multelink which is making a profit and growing.
    Also a few others, one like pharmasafe which could be very good.
    Now some will and have for some time say GCN is worth nothing.
    They are about to do deals with mobile phone companies here and asia regarding transmitting T.V. quality content on new mobile phones.

    Fact is GCN is trading at that and rising and SSI hold this stock, they in fact developed gotrek and floated GCN.

    True, it has not done too well at present but punters seem to think things are changing.
    Also a fact is that if GCN trade at this price for a while SSI should and has in the past rose quite strong.
    Every time GCN rises one cent it adds 13 cents to SSI's value.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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