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ssi and the mug punters

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    Laugh ,what else could any fundamental investor do as they watch this joke unwinding .Reciepient of an ASX please explain SSI has responded with a the statement that they have "no idea why the share price is appreciating " and put it down to resurgent interest in small cap stocks .

    Interesting also that they state it also probably has something to do withj an appreciation of the undervalued nature of their net tangible asset basis.


    The process of keeping GCN on life support is amongst other things draining the life from SSI faster than a visit from Count Dracula .Net tangible assets bled as follows according to the latest financial update

    Previous corresponding period

    11.1 Net tangible asset backing per ordinary security

    Current period 21 c
    Previous corresponding period 35 c

    And this is the cause of the shareprice going up ?

    It seems that SSI are trying a much lower visibility method of elevating the shareprice of GCN and SSI ,this time doing it as quietly as possible .

    Make no mistake though ,these two stocks were dogs , are dogs ,and without the aid of some of the new flock of mugs racing to be gun daytraders , would very soon be cash-free zones .
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