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ssc gone-1st day of bmb

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    got a little scare this morning looool

    onto westpac broking- type in ssc - no info present

    0 sellers 0 buyers

    what the beep - belly up ? suspension ?

    all good, first day of trade under bmb- blamara resources

    new day- new dawn- new era - lets hope this signifies a

    new beginning and lets keep those announcements coming and

    coming and coming to give this new stock name and code

    some traction and a healthy move into a more realistic

    market cap and share price than the penny stock status it

    has at the moment ith the doubting eyes of the investing


    just some wishful wihhful thinking to myself- geeeesh they

    were talking about their move to become an eastern

    european powerhouse acquiring assets with the depressed

    nature of financial matters over there with projects able

    to picked up for a song- i would LOVE if they acquired a

    producing oil/gas asset in the region lool mmmmmmmmmmm

    and yes before you shoot me down i understand that we are

    a base metals explorer but wierder things have happened

    and besides- oil/gas is a required energy source lacking

    in that part of the world- tht would be music to my ears

    but like i said WISHFUL thinking
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