SRX 0.00% $33.55 sirtex medical limited

srx increasing 6500 procdures performed

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    HH saying since last quarter another 1200 procedures at avg $13,000 USD done. This is based on Sitex own estimates. This is $15,600,000 in revenue. At 33% net excluding any other expenses and HH saying recoup of $2.7 in legal expenses is happening., This is $5.3 million net or about 10-11 cents EPS for quarter excluding +2.7 million. With 150% US growth and over 300% international growth the yearly numbers are looking like 57-66 cents EPS/.These are staggering nos ans at current sp a P.E of 5.5. This is the most undervalued misunderstood biotech in HH universe of biotech stocks and they now own 1/3 of co. Their goal is to to sell co at very big premium or let earnings growout result in big sp. They are leaning toward former as big pharma is prowling around co. I am adding from newbies who have no clue. Onwards and upwards
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