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sronger foundation - rosy future?

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    Market in Anvil shares almost taking on the appearance of "normality"!
    Let's hope market moves on from now.

    We appear to have left the virtual avalanch of CBA (Colonial First State) unloading behind.
    The selling of something like 18 million shares over a faiirly short period stopped AVM share price in its tracks.
    Amazing really that bottom line resistance was so strong.
    If the unsubstantiated, uninformed suggestion that CBA has completed selling now with the $4 million plus passover to Canadian institution of final holding turns out correct then shareholders could well express a great sigh of relief.

    Following on from this is the increased awareness of AVM, Stage 2 progress, impending profit upgrades and other areas providing blue sky potential.
    The increased number of people contributing to comments on this forum on Anvil - and well informed soundly based comments at that - is a positive signal.

    Also scope for market manipulation - trading - churning - accumulating by institution or group players has lessened.
    No CBA market overhang of shares to be sold! ???

    We have come to understand that Anvil is largely valued on profit basis.
    Not on potential!

    Looking at Chemique and Ventracore - the hype - the punished share price on not achieving according to hype - perhaps is a good thing.

    Some of us were into some form of hype with expectations that Canadians would re-rate Anvil and buy up in big numbers with TSX listing.
    This did not happen.
    Early days yet.
    Anvil will have its day with Canadian market.
    Presumably a more stable and long lived re-rating.

    For now there is a suggestion? in market depth that share price is stabilising - that buying pressure is building.

    The short address at today's conference in Perth by Bill Turner may turn out to be of market significance.
    A minor one!
    Anvil market will move strongly on any buying stimulus.

    We knoe Anvil share price is institution directed.
    Institution/s need to move in for real share price upgrade.

    Conditions are now in place for this to happen.
    Hoping for - and assuming - commissioning of Stage 2 infrastructure continues smoothly and is completed about the end of this month, increased profits will eventuate virtually at the same time.
    Given all goes well Wilson's target of a share price of 60 cents within a year could well be achieved quite soon.

    Once again am targeting early 05 for a very strong share price.

    The possible (impending?) Gecamine/Anvil agreement which would see a structured mine taken up by Anvil and rapidly ramped into production would place share price at a higher level.
    Once again institutions may wish to see operation and profits before buying in.

    For now tis looking good.

    Roll on Stage 2 commissiong.
    Post Stage 2 profits.
    Subsequent share price.

    That's how it looks to me anyhow!



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