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springtree move

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    Next tuesday to thursday,19th-21st of July is our calculated VWAP period for Springtree to "score" it's next $400,000+ trache under Plan B of the one paragraph "revelation" of their financing deal.

    I note that today Friday afternoon the Depth on ASX Dyesol has "weakened" in the Bid/Buy line.
    i] only 50k being bid between between 50 cents and current price 54.5.
    ii]interestingly these bids are for all small parcels.Indicates Bot/Algorithmic Buying OR trying to underpin Price for Selling.
    This is the whole "problem" with Springtree Finance.There is a lack of significant Buying Pressure that can overcome Springtree's Favoured Position.
    Lack of significant "other" Buyers allows Springtree control of the share price movement.

    How? we've discussed before how Plan B 'encourages' Sprintree to sell some of it's shares even at a Loss because it can recoup more shares at a lower price.

    Seeing as Springtree was able to get a Double Trache [$800,000+] worth last month at only 38 cents,they now have the opportunity to sell some of these at a profit [55-38=17 over 38= 44% return in less than a month],selling pressuring the price down in anticipation of VWAPing the next trache.

    New chums and old dyehards if you don't want to only whinge'n'moan about the poor share price,one will have to do what Springtree is doing even though they have an 'advantage' in guaranteed re buy.

    I'm waiting on confirmation that the beginning of the second last Trading Week dates [as they apply to the US market] indicate exactly when Springtree "drives" the share price down to influence the 3 day VWAP.
    This month that's the 19th-21st Monday-Wednesday YANK Time,tue-thur our time.

    On chart I note a gap at 49.5/50 and that such a Price would be the LOW for the month ergo that's a target that Springtree may agressively sell down to early next week.

    That's the Trading Opportunity Springtree MAY/Could be opening to us,pilgrims to Mammon.

    Do you follow?

    Just checked Depth and found bid levels to 52.5 taken out/sold to.Market Depth analysis has it's own dynamic,it constantly changes and all the contestants positions are not revealed.
    anyhow it's early next week's action that will give Buy action.

    happy trading
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