GRN gravity diamonds limited

spot on!! heading south as i called

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    GRN is doing exactly what I said it would probably do last week. It is at 43 cents today and looking weak. My guess is that there will be some support later as it has reached near my target too quickly but the speed of the fall would indicate that it might then go further down. This has been a classic play and GRN will rise again but maybe not for several months. In the meantime it is the perfect opportunity to get onto the next "classic" ORC. Soon to be AIM listed and a major world-class copper project that the international funds will want to get set on. It has had a nice run up, then the classic pull-back and done some work on lowish volume. All perfect. Now getting ready to move ahead, and with little selling on the screen when it goes it will go hard. Better to get set when it is quiet like today.
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