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    Hong Kong Qindex 15:52 GMT July 21, 2002
    Spot Gold : As shown in my daily cycle charts a projected supporting level has been established at 321.8 - 323.3. If the market momentum is strong enough to overcome the resistant level at 326.3 - 327.9, it has a good potential to challenge the resistant point at 330.9.

    CHF-Gold : As shown in my daily cycle charts the market is likely to vibrate around 465.7 with a magnitude of +/- 1.5. i.e. 464.2 - 467.2. A projected supporting point is positioing at 461.2. A projected resistant points is expected at 470.3. A positive note will be triggered in my system if the market can hit 473.3*.

    AUD-Gold : The congested area of my daily cycle is projected at 579 - 585.3. The market is going to vibrate around 580.6 with a magnitude of +/- 3.1, i.e. 577.5 - 583.7. After consolidation AUD-GOLD has a potential to tackle the resistant point at 590.

    EUR-Gold : The critical point of my daily cycle is located at 319 and the congested area is projected at 316.8 - 320.2. If the market can overcome the resistance at 321, EUR-Gold has a potential to trade in the upper trading range of 324.2 - 326.3.

    YEN-Gold : The critical point of my daily cycle is located at 37610 and the normal trading range is 37190 - 38020.

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